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Meet the SCA Team: Meet the Team



Founder - Chief Executive Officer - Chief Pilot

"I have lived and worked all over the world, from war-torn countries, places decimated by natural disasters, to communities across our great nation. While either living or visiting all these locations, I noticed they all have one thing in common: animals in need. Whether it be a lost animal wandering around cold, hungry, and alone, a pet store with an adoption day, or an overcrowded shelter with no choice but to euthanize, it is always there. We have all seen it; we have all felt it wishing we could help. There are very few organizations that transport and rescue these animals in need and even fewer that do so by plane (One that I was recently made aware of in PA). So, together with my Wife, we started Second Chance Air with simple, yet effective operational principle, "Make A Difference Today." Thank you for your time. -John


Co-Founder - Chief Operations Officer

I want to say welcome to Second Chance Air, more so, welcome to our family! My husband (John) and I first got the idea for something like Second Chance Air when he put my email on an animal rescue forum. Little did either of us know, my inbox would soon be getting so many emails, and not enough vehicles or volunteers to make a dent. I was heartbroken to see all these rescue animals in need. So, I came up with the idea to put his talents as a pilot to use with a bonus no longer having to fly with him; I HATE flying in small planes. He's a great pilot but, I don't like getting bumped around in the smaller planes! So we talked it over and started Second Chance Air. I am a firm believer in the power of positive thinking in life and the workplace. This adventure is no different. How can we fail if we both are so passionate about it? It doesn't hurt that I get to work with and support my best friend/husband to help all the in need four-legged fur-babies to make a difference today! -Lynne



Director of Marketing

I first met John while he was working in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria and we have kept in touch ever since, mostly through pictures of our animals. I originally got involved with animal rescue in 2005, at just 15 years old, when my friend told me about 2 cats that needed a foster home. I begged my mom to let us foster them and she finally agreed, under the condition that they stay in my room. Catopotomus and Lily were the first of many foster animals to come through our home, and the only ones that ever actually stayed in my room. I currently have 2 siamese mix cats, Dinah and Hamachi, a great dane, Lou, and a horse, Cash. Cash is a retired eventer, living the good life of lush pastures and easy rides. When I'm not doing the animal rescue thing I have a "real job" at a local hospital. I look forward to lending my experience and knowledge of the animal rescue world to Second Chance Air and to helping animals get to their new furever homes! - Allie

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Chief Financial Officer

I'm a big fan of animals, so when John told me about Second Chance Air I was excited for the chance to be a part of something that's going to save the lives of hundreds (and eventually hundreds of thousands) of pets. I hope you join us on this adventure.

- Angie


Development Director 

Intro Coming Soon.




Chief Technology Officer

I have worked in the technology industry, anything from server administration to database design and management for more than two decades.  I also love to tinker in coding and robotics built from old RC cars and scavenged parts from thrift stores, flea markets, yard sales, and such. Computers and electronics have always been a passion of mine.  What tops that is my love for dogs, cats, and all other animals.  So when my brother, John, told me what he and his wife were doing, I knew I had to be apart of it. Who wouldn't want to help build and grow an organization that is built on a pure, simple cause to help animals get to a better place where they can thrive? The organization's motto of "Make a difference today," is an attitude that will inspire change, and is something both my wife and I try to pass down to our son.  This is a great cause we can all feel proud of, and back wholeheartedly.


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