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Why A Family started this

Updated: Feb 11, 2020

Why my wife, brother and I started this...

Well, to answer that question, we have to first take a short trip to the past of one of the favorite memories growing up, a trip to Kenndy Space Center and Epcot in Orlando. It wasn't pretending to be an astronaut and landing the lunar lander or the futuristic park that sparked my life long passion for flying no; it was the Flight attendant and Captian on my first airplane ride from Buffalo to Orlando.

Let me explain. I like many young children, was not the easiest child to deal with. My first plane ride was no exception. The tantrum I threw on the gateway today, you'd be removed from the flight and probably find yourself on the no-fly list. Instead, the flight attendant took me to meet the Captain, and I got to go into the cockpit. They gave me some cheap plastic wings, and the rest was history. I joined the Army out High School, became a Black Hawk Crew Chief, retired, and continued Government Contract work in the aviation field. While contracting, I got my fixed-wing pilot license and continue to work towards the dream of being that Captain in the airlines one day and return the favor to some young minds one day.

I married my best friend after five years of dating. I threw her a curve ball in 2018 when I decided to pursue that childhood dream of becoming a pilot. With love and support, I have been doing just that. She however is not a fan of being in small planes after a short trip up to Nashville in a 172, I have to fight her to get her to come along for a ride.

So that brings you up to speed to the now. Along my path to the airlines, I stumbled across a forum that pilots volunteer to fly shelter animals, so I need to build time and signed up. That is when I realized just how many shelter animals need air transport. They can't pay for plane rides, and there is an unbelievable number of the shelters at the capacity that are putting these animals down. So I started this non-profit to build funds to hopefully purchase a plane with the range to be able to fly almost coast to coast and save as many animals as I can.

The target goal is to purchase an airplane, and its sole purpose will be animal rescue transport coast to coast. This means raising a lot of money, but I have faith that our mission is a just cause, and I have no doubt we will accomplish this goal.

In the meantime, I will continue the journey with rental aircraft and living our founding principle to "make a difference today."

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